This is the backbone of ProFinders. We pride ourselves in sourcing for experienced and capable professionals and personnel in the line of Hospitality, Engineering, Administrative Support Assistants, Accountancy, Secretarial, Information Technology, InfoComm, Sales, Marketing and Finance staff from a huge database of job seekers.


Head hunting & executive search division. While the agency is highly stringent in filtering out talent of what it deems to be of the highest order and the most relevant to its clients, its selection of executives is even more so. ProFinders seeks out only the most experienced and capable executive who is more than highly suited for the job, and who is sufficiently innovative and resourceful to lead the business from a different angle and devise immediate, effective solutions for the most intricate of problems.


ProFinders seeks also to ease the financial and administrative burdens that are often associated with the hiring of contract labor. ProFinders will take up the task of salary and payroll matters, so that the company can concentrate on the task at hand, and we will relieve the company of the monotonous and tedious job of managing payrolls. Based on the clients project demands or assignment nature, the staff can be placed under our company’s payroll.


With more and more candidates wishing to go overseas to further pursue their career to bring it to greater heights, ProFinders caters for their need to go one step further in their career. The International Placement helps candidates to experience a chance of basking in a different working environment and to immerse themselves in a new and unfamiliar yet friendly culture.


Our vast network thus invites applicants from around the world to send in their resumes and to apply for jobs in Singapore. As Singapore continues to progress worldwide in the economic circle, we have expanded our network to include manpower from South-East Asia, namely Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand; as well as from all over the world.