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Our aim is to generate the opportune moment, the relevant person in the relevant post, we don’t create situational positions, We connect people and job opportunities that are relevant to both parties.
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With a professional network of hospitality consultants, our professionals provide hospitality consulting services and assistance to developers, owners, operators, financial institutions and other professionals seeking assistance. Profinders has international experience in diverse disciplines within hotels/resorts, food and beverage, commercial foodservice, spas and clubs. Profinders Consultants are available to work independently on assignments, or can be organized as a team or task force to achieve the greatest possible results for our clients. Profinders Hospitality Consultants possess a comprehensive breadth of experience in all areas of hospitality management operations and provide practical, actionable, and cost effective strategies and solutions. With a wide variety of disciplines represented, our professionals are able to analyze and offer recommendations to enhance operational performance and guest enjoyment.

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Here’s a List of some of our featured employers, for a ful list of employers, please reach our to us on the contact details listed in our contact page.